Crash this morning

Feel sorry for the poor CBF 600 rider this morning who decided to give me a demonstration of his cornering ability into Kennington Road. Pulled away form the lights, knee out leaned over and gently the rear wheel overtook the front and down he went.
I pulled up and checked but he said he was ok. Must have been large amount of domestic damage but he rode off quickly.
If it was someone on here, hope your ego recovers the bashing it got.


Diesel/oil could have caused it?

I lost the front on a slick of cooking oil leaking from the bins outside an Italian restaurant once.

Rear wheel slide he said. I am assuming there was showing off going on. But as ever NJ you are a good man to presume innocence first :smiley:

Ha! Yeah - just like to give people the benefit of the doubt like. :wink:

p.s. actually I think it was a Hungarian restaurant.

Domestic damage eh?

Surely you mean Cosmetic, damn I’m always getting my ‘tics’ confused! :P:D

No… I think he does mean “Domestic damage”

It’s the damage done to your relationship when the holiday to Barbados is cancelled due to fairing replacement!! :smiley:

the main thing is he got up and rode off. nice one for stopping btw!

Happy he survived …

But hey, Domestic Damage I like the tag, and a name for the grief I’m getting from Mrs Art over my tally :wink:

Good to see the rider is ok as he rode off.