Crash Protection

Hiya I’m getting my new Bandit soon, hopefully next week if Suzuki ever give a firm delivery date!

I need some crash protection.

Do I go for Suzuki engine bars or R & G protection bars. I think the R & G bars look nicer but do they give the same amount of protection if I drop my bike.

Any advise you be great.


I tested my R&G’s last Sunday morning on a nice big diesel spill on Parliament Square at 7.30am. They did the job nicely. I only had a crack panel, broken rear hanger and grazed (paint only) lower engine casing. Without them, the bike would have been trashed. I’ve been riding it since with no issues at all. I’ve had engine bars as well on an FJ1200. Depends what sort of look you want. Get both if you can for maximum protection!

All my bikes have had R&G. They are superb!

It might be worth checking the owners clubs for information, there is normally somebody else out there who has tried a product and knows the pitfalls if there are any. They will probably tell you where to get them cheapest too.

Thx for the advise guys.

Didn’t find much on the Suzuki owners site but will try looking again.

Good to know that you all like your R & G bars though. They do look much nicer than the Suzuki bars so they’re probably the way forward.

Give these guys a try.