crash on A1

Tis Friday 27/09/2013
I was visiting my friends. She living near to A1 road.
It was 01:00h. I though I wi goo for fag I come to the windows open and can see A1 road it was group of people riding with the bikes. And can see the guy on Gsx 600 I think so it was overtaking girl on yamaha ybr125 his goo soo close to her his could nock her out and after 30-40 seconds his crashed to the payment. His stupid was have only helmet and the gloves. I so how the girl straight done emergency stop and the guy behind on the bike crash to her but she was ok.
What I tried to say what the guy who crashed locks like do not have experience at all riding. And the way how his did jo on should do.
So please guys and girls ride safe. And where all protection.
P.S. hop that guy ok …
That night I think soo I will never forget was like bed movie.

Grammar nazis start in 3… 2… 1…

Ride safe!


Could you translate it for us B? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it is some sort of porn

“his goo soo close to her his could nock her out”

Yep, my goo was close to my wife last night and she seemed pretty much unconscious…

LOL, very good :slight_smile:

Come on, the level of grammar/ spelling from some of the english folk on here is so bad that this should be easy.

He got so close to her he could’ve knocked her off the bike…

A good point. It’s more legible than some of Kishan’s posts :laugh:

Or mine.