Crash Helmet Theft

I’m more of a lurker than a poster on this forum, but I’ve met a few people off this site before. I own GirlsBike2 in Highgate, and tonight some little b*stards broke into my shop and stole some helmets (witnesses saw them getting away on scooters carryinng stuff in tescos carrier bags). As they had to crawl out of the shop under the shutter, the helmets they took are likely to have been damaged. Please be aware of anyone offering the following helemts at a cheap price:

Shoei Raid II Gloss Black XXS
Shoei Raid II Halex Red/Black XS
Shoei Raid II Silver S
Shoei Raid II Matt Black S
HJC CS-12 Session Black/Pink XS
HJC CS-12 Session Black/Grey M
Shark SK4 (open Face) Butterfly design Matt Blue XS
Shark S800 Butterfly design Matt blue
Shark S800 Butterfly design matt gold XS
Momo Fighter (open face) Matt Pink XS

If you have any information regarding this, please call me at any time on 020 8340 6503.



Jo sorry to here about that if I hear or see anything dodgy ill give you a shout.

Sorry to hear that - theiving scum.

I will keep an Ebay eye open - looks like they took S and XS sizes mainly… I expect those Shoeis will turn up somewhere…

Soz to hear about that… eyes and ears open

i don’t understand ,surly having a bike shop you must have an intruderalarm.
so how have they managed to get around that ???

Very sorry to hear about that Jo - we live not far away from you so we’ll keep an eye out for those lids.

SOrry to hear this jo…

Sorry to hear about this Jo! I’ll keep my ears open for ya.

Sorry to hear! will keeps eyes and ears open!

How the hell did they carry 10 lids on a scooter???

Theiving scum!

hello its john at rex judds,just pasted the word around both branches for you hun

Sorry to hear this - Will keep an eye out for cheap stuff

Strap yourself on to eBay for the next few hours, some scrote 'll turn up stupid.
And if there are any local weekend markets, you might wanna take your stock serial numbers down first thing and find the usual suspects before they can shift them…

Hey its worth a try, get the vendor on handling stolen and you may get names…cripes, its more than the old bill would probably bother with bearing in mind their focus tends to be more life-threatening crimes.

Good idea toby but just be careful if you approach/confront them.

I do have an alarm which goes straight through to the police, but like all alarms you have so many seconds to switch it off before it starts wailing. They must have been in and out like a shot as the police who attended were only up near Highgate tube when they got the call, and when they got to the shop (about 500yards further down the road) the thieves had already gone.


Just passed the word onto the other Hein Gerickes (tho chances of them turning up in Plymouth or Glasgow are remote heh)

if i hear anything ill let ya know

The police told me that the witnesses saw four scooters leaving.


Thanks John, much appreciated.


Cheers reap, and to everyone else who has ‘offered’ their eyes and ears.


Just sent email to all shops that I know bods in and same to all bods in the trade