Crash Bungs Fitted?

Hi there good people, Anyone know a good place around Watford to get R & G crash bungs supplied and fitted. I have rung Lloyd Cooper and Moores in Hemel and they both say, yer we fit but haven’t done one of those bikes before don’t know how long it would take.

This seems odd as it only looks like a 20 min job but I haven’t got the tools or the bottle to cut my fairing!

They seem to want to charge at least an hour…

BTW it’s an 06 GSX-R600

Any ideas?


It depends what work units they charge by as a minimum. Some places it’s only an hour, regardless of whether the job takes five minutes or 55. Foxy got hers cut in Hammersmith for half-an-hour’s rate (with LB discount!) I believe. You’d have to ask her though.

i won mine from an LB text competition!! didnt have to cut the fairings on mine! but we had to cut the fairings on Terry-motos blade to fit his!! if you havnt had them done yet and you dont mind waiting for another couple of weeks, then i could fit them for you!

Cheers people. Another question springs to mind, should I get white or black bungs?

Plus Has anyone used no-cut bungs, are they a bad idea?


Leggy Pete did mine for me… he’s up your way, why not PM him and ask?

Cheers for the photo. I like the black bungs. Also, what screen is that? Does it offer any more protection from the wind?


Cheers Drei. Did I read a post somewhere that you were getting the thou’ ?