Crash bung fitting??

i am going to order R&G crash bungs fro my zx6r p8. wanted to know if they are easy to fit or if some drilling will be involved?

if drilling is required …how much would it cost to get i t fitted?

They bolt onto the frame, but u may have to cut the fairing to allow for this. Thats where the cost lies. Best get a pro to do it i reckon £50 will cover fitting and cutting fairings.

Adz on the site can prob do it :slight_smile:

I had to drill the lowers on the Banana to fit them but it was scarier to think about than to get on with and actually do. There were good instructions on the R&G website and I just happened to find the right size cutter in the workshop (belonged to my girlfriend’s late husband, loads of stuff in there I havent found yet!). I think on yours you just have to take a chunk out rather than drill a hole.

I’m fairly certain that you will need to drill the fairing on a ZX6R.

Fairing drilling is hard work. Not the effort, it’s the angst. you don’t know for sure you got it right 'till it’s too late to correct that small error in measuring.


Thanks guys…i think ill pay to get them fited rather then fiddle around with the drill!!