Crash Bars... finally

Yes… I’ve finally got some crash bars (off e-bay)

Are they easy to fit or would I need some sweaty, greased up, toned body mechanic to fit them…?

They should be really easy!

Sounds like a oppurtunity for a prospective mentor to come forward here! I’m sure it will be stright forward though!

Thanks for your helpful advise there rich…

greased up, toned body…

No GP, im not doin it for ya

I struggle to put petrol in, let alone anything else!

I got a big burley half mechanic half steven segal mate of mine to fit mine pixie, you have to take out the spindle that supports some of the weight of the engine, it can be pretty tough to budge, but not impossible with the right size hammer

Careful you dont do what i did though, and over tighten the bolts that hold it against the frame, thus snapping the bracket on the left side…

BTW did you get the Renntec (or however you spell it) ones?

The Bars are good but im getting the point with my bandit where im scraping them around roundabouts and whatnot… its quite scary if your not expecting it, i should take them off, but i know if i do ile drop it in a stupid way the next day