good night last night at chelsea! wish i could say the same as my ride home! well actually it was half a ride home!

last year i managed to pick up a BIKE ASBO for a naughty overtaking manouver, little community copper turns up at the gate with my ANTISOCIAL RIDING CERTIFICATE!! which lasts for twelve months… it was due to run out on the 23rd of this month!!

well! Flats and me left the guys near lambeth bridge, along the embankment out towards earls court…sweating…fuck me it was warm! simon shot off toward white city i turned left for the A4! pick up speed 50…60…70 oooohh that feels good…nice cool air rushing through drying the sweat instantly… past the fullers brewery…turn right for the M4… i’m cruising now! there it is M4 woooohhoooo i’m home free!! NOPE!! NOPE!!

BLUE FLASHERS!!! W.T.F. should be alright! wasnt taking the piss just cruising! checks the bike over then matey jumps out with smile on his chevvy! “his got a section 59” (the asbo thingy)…

shit! shit! shit!.. yes sir we are going to seize your bike!! nice one!

bum bum bum bum!!

you need to give me a call…I might be able to help…

Oh, no! Sorry about that mate…

Thats bad news - I’m sorry to hear that

what the hell is a bike asbo i have never heard of one of them before?

so they can take your bike away then? how do you get it back again?

thats some bad news.

so sorry to hear about that Adam…

Thats just out of order, if only they were a biker!

Section 59 of the Police reform act is what was used.

‘Anti-social behaviour of a motorvehicle’

it was originally aimed at targetting ‘cruises’ and your ‘Max Power’ type meets…


If you behave badly or anti-socially on a motorvehicle you recieve a section 59.

Your details and the bike details go onto PNC and you need to behave for 12 months.

If you get caught within 12 months acting up again the vehicle your in/on gets siezed EVEN IF IT AIN’T YOURS!!! (so don’t get caught wheelieing your mates bike!!)

It will then cost you in the region of £112.00 to get it back plus £12 per day storage charge.

When you get it back if you do it again they sieze it again…around the third time you don’t get it back.

Speeding and overtaking doesn’t usually fall into the category of a 59 though!!??

Well that’s a sorry end to a great (possibly the first) proper summer night’s riding this year.

Cheers for the info Porky, I’d never heard of a bike ASBO either. Obviously I don’t hang about at the Ace often enough to hear about them

Adam, did they do you for speeding tho? Personally (and assuming you have the readies)I’d prefer a non-endorseable penalty over 3 points anyday.

I never heard of a bike asbo either, bit frightening the power coppers have now, say if u relied on bike to get to work? Although I guess I can understand things like mini motos in parks etc but for someone just riding it’s a bit of a joke.

i couldnt beleive the text ya sent me i cant get why they took your bike fookin big dogs c**k, ring me later and fill me in…

they didnt do me for speeding! my asbo thingy runs out on the 23rd, not sure if it goes on for another 12months now?

better than 3 points! i’m off to charlton now to go and get it! £105 for an overnight stay!

what pissed me off the most was the bacon sandwhich that cost £3.99 from heston services at 3 in the morning!!

oh well!

sorry to hear about that adam what a crap ending to a good night .

ohh mate…if ide of known i would have come and met you…pulled a big stoppie…and done a burn out…then rode off to get the attention to me…

those tossers were just out for a nick…bad luck mate…really bad luck

not so smiled.

Im sorry to hear that Adam H i didnt know what an ASBO was either but that sucks how did you get the rest of the way home?

his brother gave him a piggy back

Oh no! Adam I’m sorry to hear this! I can’t believe it either! I too had never heard of a bike asbo! What’s the world coming to? If you were doing what you say, what’s the harm, just about to join the M4 at cruising speed??? Someone had a bee in their bonnet! It makes you not want to stop if you’re going to be treated so unfairly! Personally, respect in my eyes comes from being treated fairly and appropriately. If you just ride my ass, you won’t get the respect. It’s a shame as I’ve met a lot of coppers who have this positive attitude and get me listening, not thinking “yeah whatever!”.

Sorry to hear about that Adam, they really didn’t have anything better to do did they, A close friend nearly got an ASBO for his flip-up plate we had to beg and beg the Camden copper not to issue one thankfully both coppers ride bikes and just let use off.

When the you get the bike back check for small cracks, scratches an extra 100miles on the clock etc (maybe they just want a go on your baby lol)

Adam… Thats so shit dude!!! The usual then, People getting robbed/mugged/raped and murdered and they’d rather take the easy picking eh!! Sounds about right!

the same coppers that where sat at the bridge in the BMW estate!

i said look mate… its not as though i was taking the piss was it! the road was quiet and i was sat at 65-70 in 6th …cruising!!

the smile on his face when he realised the asbo duebry furking thingy was nearly up aswell!