Craig Jones Memorial Ride

Who is interested in a Craig Jones memorial ride from say the Ace Cafe to Brands Hatch to lay a flower in his memory?

Also, please see my topic in the name and shame re Andrew Pitt’s website!

I’d like to come on the rideout…

I don’t want anything to do with politics over whos showing what bits of which race saying what comments though…:unsure:

The idea of a memorial rideout does sound good but I can’t help thinking that it’s a bit previous and some of us are still coming to terms with what we saw at trackside.

I’d be happier if we sorted out some LB flowers for Craig at this point in time

up for it depening on the date

I wasn’t there but I know if I’d have been there i’d be struggling to come to terms with it and I’m sure you’ve had people offer the support, but if you need a chat about it, give me a shout…might give you a bit of closure though riding with people who care and have the common interest and being able to talk to them!I’d be up for it, or for donating for LB flowers, whichever is decided.

I’d be up for this, sooner the better as far as i’m concerned, i’ll watch this space

I’d be up for this as well, just let us know when :slight_smile:

No need for the comments about Andrew Pitt though, I am sure he is feeling pretty crap right now, put yourself in his shoes for a minute, I am sure what goes on his website has nothing to do with him.