Cracking Bike Flick

I discovered a film on Sky this afternoon that I’d never heard of before and really was IMO worth sitting down to.

It was called The Worlds Fastest Indian and starred Anthony Hopkins as Kiwi Burt Munro who’s lifes ambition was to break the land speed record for streemlined mororcycles.

Cracking feel good film and well worth watching if you see it about.:cool:

great actor great film ive also seen it:)

We have seen that too - excellent film :cool:

Do you cut your toenails like that? :w00t:

I bet Grim does;)I think that is now my favourite “Motor-Sickle” film next to Top Gun and No Limit;):smiley:

Fantastic film, wot i like about it is that it seems more like a raod movie with natural acting, no over acting crap script.

We have bought the book and dvd for her dad, 1 thing that struck me about the book is the real life pics, theay actually look like the film etc.


I think I will put the book on my list to santa;)Is it the same title as the film?

Took your time, gave that to me mum as a pressie in Aug, she’s Welsh, so loves the main actor anyway, but was very surprised when she actually enjoyed a movie about bikes.

It’s is great.

great film, but not a curry in sight?:slight_smile:

Can you imagine turning up for a trackday and saying

“I don’t need leathers. I just tuck my suit trousers in my socks”…LOL:D:w00t::w00t:

It is a great movie, one of the few I own on DVD.

These pics are from the museum in NZ.




here fella: book and 2 dvd’s under 20 notes, ordered 1 of each then it says if ya spend 4 quid more or summat ya get postage free so ordered the 2nd dvd for the price of postage.was the first bool listed i got, one good run.