cr500 supermoto

would it be woth building one or am i insane to consider it ? anyone done or seen one,any idea how long they last before they pop

I know of a couple.

There was one running in NORA SM a few years back.

I don’t think they were a problem reliability wise.

“Mental” is used a lot to describe bikes - a CR500 motard really deserves it though.

omg yeah that would be some sort of bike…

you need balls of steal just to kick it over…

Im sure I saw one on ebay a couple of weeks ago - looked wicked!

better off on a modern big capacity 4 stroke Tm or Husky , CR is always described as mental and back in the day it was , development stood still though and now the 4 strokes have caught up

I agree with that, but most people who have them love 'em because of what they are.

It’s seldom based on a logical thought train!

Oh and add the big 'Bergs to that list.

Im a Supermoto lover but know zip about them other than they look like great fun, what makes this bike so special

& how much would it cost to build one??

Da Artist

i reckon if you where patient and waited for god buys it could be done for about 2000,but its how long it last before it pops???

A CR 500 is one of the last of the old skool MX bikes. Being a 500CC single two stroke it would be light, but would be a fecker to start and have a vicious powerband, ie prob about 2,000 rpm. Power wise I think they make decent power for a tard, not sure for certain but would have thought 50-60bhp depending on state of tune. Like all 2 smokes rebuilds will be required at some point.

Not sure about cost I would have thought anywhere from £1500 - 2k max, but might be wrong.

As tards go 2smokes are rare nowadays for the same reason that they were replaced in MX, ie four bangers have a broader spread of power and torque and are much easier to ride. So although a four stroke might be heavier than a two stroke most people are quicker on the 4.

As tards go a CR is for the love of it more than any rational reason. Roads tards like the KTM LC4/SMC, Husky 610/450/510, Husabergs etc are better bikes. Race bike wise Husabergs, CRFs, WRs etc rule.

well i can tell you “speaking from experience and racing for several seasons mx” a cr 500 to keep it on form you need to replace rings about every 60 hours,and keep an eye on the piston and change as and when needed, but again this depends on how hard you can ride the dam thing…as far as comparing a modern 4 banger to an all out, balls out 500 smoker there ain’t no comparison…there aint many folk who can ride a 500 smoker!!!

Ray, everyone should have one b4 they meet there maker (dont let the CR5 be the reason for meeting’im tho!).

Go forth my son, and get CR’d up - phuck the expense!

I had mine in 1996!


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