Covid Test - A Tip

Well two really
First is… Keep Test receipt safe!
For the second one read on…

On Weds we took little one for her sixth test (must be a record). Usually we get result in a day, most we’ve waited is just under 48hrs I think…

This time it had been over this and we were starting to think it would be one of these cases you hear that can take five days. The website says to wait 5 days. Luckily I ignored this

Decided to phone 119 today to chase up. Turns out the sample was being processed but whoever scanned the barcode at the testing site didn’t do it properly or the system didn’t work as it hadn’t registered the test.

Person on phone used test receipt barcode to register it then and the result came 5secs later, so result was ready but system didn’t know where to send.