Coverage: WSB @ Brands Hatch - A Craig Jones Tribute

I was going to write something more in-depth here, but I can’t, I keep welling up, and I know if I continue I will start to cry.

We dedicate our photo galleries for last weekend’s round of World Superbikes at Brands Hatch to Craig Jones, 23, who was tragically killed whilst challenging for the win in the Supersport race. Here’s to you Craig, thank-you for all the entertainment and good times you’ve given us!

Full Galleries:


Gallery two now up! More incredible photos. Link in above post.

RIP Craig.

Andrew what a sweet set of shots man!! Two stunning galleries! Think I might just give up and go home! Haven’t had time to comment on the second set yet but theres a lot of bangin’ shots!!

Pick ya dummy back up Mike :slight_smile: You’re not going anywhere!