Courtroom Beating

Nov 16, 2006 - New video shows victims’ relatives attacking accused murderer Jason Howard yesterday while he stood in shackles in an Ohio courtroom.Howard was charged last month with murdering his girlfriend and her three children, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The 24-year-old also faces charges in connection with another murder. Two of the attackers were arrested and face assault charges, according to the local paper.

I thought courts were meant to be secure? Still, you can understand it… Though I don’t reckon much of the assailants beating skills.

What the hell sort of a beating was that???

It was more like a scuffle

I saw someone getting a beating at Snarebrook Crown Court - family members came charging out of the court after a witness and caught up in the car park. Not a good place to do it given the security guards were just inside the doors a few feet away and there were police everywhere