Courier work.......

Hey guys,

If anyone is interested I potentially have a few positions becoming available on my bike circuit over the coming weeks…Am a little wary and wouldnt usually post advertising a job on here but hey, some of you are out of work and I will help if I can :slight_smile:

Bottom line is this…if you are flexible, can get about quickly and are not a complete donut, you will earn the money…

Full time hours 10 a day…although part time/sub contract for single jobs will be considered…based in battersea…looking for 125cc + …but dont be silly and wanna do it on your gsxr thou lol

Also would be interested if anyone has a transit van they wanna put to use…pref lwb.

So…to wrap this up…pm me if you want more details ye.

Safe riding ya’ll :slight_smile: