Couple of Brands Hatch 8.8.07 Trackday Shots

Bought these from the resident photographer. Had a good day there in the end, see below for a review. Loving the new suspension, makes an absolutely incredible difference to the quality of the ride/feedback and thus my confidence.

Lord knows how I passed the sound-test! I was a little worried to say the least. Came in at .2db under the limit.

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what was the sound limit jay 102 or 105db???

  1. First time I’ve ever been sound tested at any circuit. Local residents take the piss, what do they expect moving in next to a circuit?!

Lot’s of people were running stock exhausts, and quite a few failed. Some tried to bodge their exhausts by inserting things in them to quieten them. It didn’t work.

my akra slipon with no baffle was 98db the other week there i thought it would have been louder than that!

heard they didn’t expect the old duffers on the enfields/nortons and other pieces of crap (sorry, ‘retro’) with straight through exhausts that really took the piiss and ruined it for everyone.

wasn’t the 102db limit in the evenings more to cut down on racers playing amongst an already big spread of talent in the group 2?

nice shots