couple jailed for 2 years for child abuse

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A Kent couple have been jailed for two years for abusing two young boys.

Kristina Davies, 20, and Ricky Winter, 23, had both denied eight counts of child neglect but were found guilty at Canterbury Crown Court last month.
The couple, both from Margate, left the children with fractured bones, bruises and bites to the genitals when they were looking after them in July 2009.

A doctor who treated the boys, both under four, said it was the worst case he had seen in 30 years of practice.**

‘Tip of the iceberg’
Davies and Winter, both of Canterbury Road, also forced the children to stand in a corner with their hands on their heads for long periods of time and screamed in their faces on several occasions, the court heard.

After the hearing, Acting Det Sgt Paul Deslandes, who led the investigation, said: “This was a particularly harrowing case and the children suffered truly sickening injuries.”

He said the force’s child abuse investigation unit acted after hearing concerns from members of the public about the boys’ welfare.

“Together with social services, we took the children away from a dangerous situation and prevented them from coming to any further harm,” he said.[quote/]

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so so happy the’re ina safe place now…altho my heart still weeps…

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Guarentee you anyone like us would of punished the abusers i bet my money we would get longer in prison, in my eyes the justice system is there to protect the peodo’s.

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In my opinion there is no place in society for people who can do that to kids. Anyone who abuses children should be strung up!