I’m often left scratching my head thinking, “what the ****?” over the decisions of councils at present. You’ll often hear scare stories in newspapers and I’ve often scoffed at them thinking “is that true?”. Well it wasn’t until recent years I began to realise that these stories were indeed true.

London is a total joke for the borrough councils sticking their oar in, knocking you upside down and shaking every penny out of your pocket. The fines they impose on motorists is absoltuely insane, my house mate had to break heavy after a pedestian stepped out infron of them in a yellow box, there was a space ahead of him. When they appealed the decision the council worker said it was clear it was a mistake, then low and behold another letter came saying NO, pay the fine.

Here’s the picture as proof:

It’s becoming a bit of a joke. I hear of more and more stories, it’s not just parking either. Councils are dictating to people about all manner of issues these days, having too tall of gates:

I keep on hearing other stories too, allbeit anecdotal accounts of how much of a C U Next Tuesday they are but there’s definitely some truth in the gripes.

I wonder where all this is going because they seem to be taking more and more liberties, not all the money they make is for the community either, a lot of it is creamed off in quangos and back scratches - like the CENSUS for instance, what a croc that is.

It’s anoying because they’re bringing in these laws with an Iron fist, if you don’t pay the council fine you’ll be summoned to court, failing that and you’ll end up in prison. All for parking in residents permit holder only bay for five minutes, whilst some Ugandan escaping war crimes photographs your car and tips off his underworld connections about lack of security.

take it to court when they want to. They usually back out just before it as it costs them cash to do so.

You are clearly not guilty of the offence.

Write back and inform them that the yellow box only applies when the driver stops due to stationary vehicles.

From the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002

7.—(1) Except when placed in the circumstances described in paragraph 8, the road markings shown in diagrams 1043 and 1044 shall each convey the prohibition that no person shall cause a vehicle to enter the box junction so that the vehicle has to stop within the box junction due to the presence of stationary vehicles.

You were not stopped due to stationary vehicles but instead to pedestrians, and even if pedestrians could be construed to mean vehicle, which is a bit of a stretch, you could not have known they were going to enter the road where they did, so you did not cause a vehicle to enter the box junction knowing it would be stopped due to stationary vehicles.

They are also not stationary. rofl :slight_smile:

No case to answer.

Yep! The legislation on box junctions is full of loopholes. Basically, if you stop for a reason other than vehicle blocking your exit at the time you entered, they have no leg to stand on. Anything that happens after you enter the box can’t result in a fine.

The best answer is practice low speed manoeuvres in the car and on the bike. As long as you never stop, no matter how slow you go, they can’t ticket you. If you do enter a box and find you can’t get out, keep creeping forward as long as possible.