Council estate confusion

So… This is my beloved council estate… :sick:

All of the properties are council, apart from mine… Im housing association (I have no idea what the difference is)

But any way… the confusion is this…

I wanted to put a folding security bollard outside my house (The one with the open gate) to stop buggers parking there and taking my space… and/or blocking me in… I asked my caretaker who said I have to ask for permission from the council… So I started following all there procedures to apply for permission, they decided they would need to send a surveior in order to check if it was appropriate or not…

An appointment was made and 10mins before he was due to turn up I got an email stating that it is not the councils property and I need to ask my housing assosiation. So I started following the housing’s procedure to apply for permission. they turned round a few days later and said to ask the council because the council own the estate, (Its just been going back and forth and nobody wants to accept responsibility for the little bay type thing outside my house.)

(I call it a “bay type thing” because apparently its not a bay.)

now… if you have a permit for this area then you can park there, which is fair enough.

If you have a disabled badge, you could. Or atleast up until a week ago… now there is a new sign that has caused confusion between me/my family and my nieghbour…

It says “disabled badge holders must park in disabled bays only, where available”. My estate doesnt have a disabled bay… nor does any street within a reasonable walking distance.

The confusion is, if there isnt a bay, are we still allowed to park here as normal?

If the council and the housing cant decide who the bay belongs too cana sub contracting company for the council issue a ticket?

My nieghbour got a ticket with her disabled badge on show, the day the new sign went up. So we are all fairly confused. any help on the matter would be appreciated.

Oh man I hate bureaucracy… Just stick a bollard up and say you don’t know who did it.


But I still have the problem with parking the car…

Is it ‘your’ parking space, for your house?

Stick it in there, if they send you a letter asking you to remove it then at least you’ll know who’s in charge and you can ask their permission. Worst case, you have to take it back out again, I guess it just bolts down so it could be removed and repaired in 2 minutes.

The bollard its self im not worried about… Im going to put it in whatever happens. Im just curious as to parking the car. is there any way I can find out who it belongs too? it seems the council and the housing have nothing other than a bunch of incompetent staff. (Atleast from my experience)

Firstly find out who Wing Parking is. (Love the little sticker underneath the sign…)

Is this being treated as private land? There appears to be all sorts of confusion over what is and what is not a legal ticket.

Try one of the ‘specialist’ parking forums?

Islington’s main on street contractor is NSL Services I think. This must be a different contract and must be for private land type situations.

I’m sure there is a different set of rules for this type of thing.

It says “private parking” and it says “Islington” Which is it?

As the council, if their logo is being used without permission they will do something about that. If it is with their permission they will know who the contractor is and what the rules are.

As for blue badge owners - the sign says “where available” if not available you don’t have to park in it simples! If the contractor is working for the council and enforcing blue badge parkign rules that don’t apply, then complain to the council copying in your councillor.

As for the post, write to both the council and the housing association stating your intention to place the post and giving them 28 days from the date of the letter to raise any objection with you, and ask them to clearly state the reason for any objection in writing. As they both have denied responsibility for the land and if they don’t object, I can’t see why you can’t put the post in.

Not sure about the folding bollard thing - BUT if you ever get a ticket from these numpties don’t pay it. Come here or get advice at pepipoo - because these private company parking charge notices are nothing more than an invoice - and the best defence advice is currently to ignore them. Interesting how they have updated their signs with a couple of stickers. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone removed the stickers…

I’d say that’s a private company using Islington’s logo to mislead people - contact trading standards :smiley:

The property may be leasehold and that was transferred the HA, and grounds and land will still belong to the Council.

Which HA?

Whatever you decide i’d be careful about posting up info about where you live.

Apparently Wing Parking are contracted by Islington Council to enforce their parking rules:

Its not mine as such, but it only makes sense that no-one apart from myself can park there as it blocks my gate.

That is a good idea actually… I shall do that. Also if noone accepts it,then “Wing” cant enforce on that part of the estate right?

Im not too sure why they have put stickers on it as the wholesign is new… Unless they printed up aload and are just fillinginthe blanks with stickers…

Leasehold??? Circle33

Thanks for the tip bud, but I am more than confident my bike is more than secure enough… If someone manages to actually get my bike out before myself my nieghbour or my dog get them, they deserve it.

Just emigrate…lot easier.

I guess the only enforcement can be by the agents of those that own or manage the land. If they are not responsible for it they can’t employ someone to enforce parking rules.

As for the stickers, the law changed a couple of weeks back and they are probably altering their signs to comply.


What about if I get adisabled bay put in?

Maybe that willbe easier than getting permission for a solid structure, yet it’l pretty much do what I want…

wot cars :Whistling: