Could this be used as a tracker?

Main prob with the find my app is it’s not accurate enough to identify room unless it’s been worked on and improved since last time I’ve used it

But as a simple tracker for a bike could work well

For £29 it is certainly worth experimenting with. The battery needs to be replaced yearly - which might be a nuisance if you have buried it deep in the bike.

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I thought the same. It’s a poor-man’s tracker. Good as a secondary, fall-back method on top of a regular tracker perhaps.

The main issue with using it for this use, is that they’re design to prevent non-consensual tracking, i.e. if you steal my bike then my tag is hitching a ride with you without your knowledge/consent, so if the thief has an iPhone then it will tell them there’s an AirTag hitching a ride with them. At which point they would look for and remove it, one would presume.


The new version improves upon the current version. It gives you a homing mode that’s very accurate and gives you clear instructions what direction you need to go.

That in itself might be enough to convince the thief the owner is a cheapskate and cause them to overlook the BikeTrac elsewhere. £29 isn’t expensive for a decoy.


Isn’t the case with this that once too far you rely on others having bluetooth on to basically crowdsource the signal? Not very useful if it gets dumped anywhere remote or with not enough people walking past

Or have I missed it…?

You’re not missing anything, that’s the deal. It sounds like it’ll work great for its intended use-case. Relying on it for use as a motorcycle tracker would not be a good idea, but it has merit all the same. It certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Yeah this does feel that it’s useful that if you lose it, it’s likely to be somewhere with other people or a small inconvenience if you never find it.

If it’s valuable, you probably need to invest more. A bit like most things in life - buy cheap, buy twice

Someone used them to recover their stolen S Scooter


Going to give this a try.

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Which version are you going for?

The one that connects to the battery.

As it happens, this news story just popped up