Could someone send me the route to Brighton for Fish and Chips?

I feel like a mid week rideout.

M25 to Wolfies Hove

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Does this take in Saddlescombe Road?

wrong side of the A23

I was pondering doing an evening brighton run soon, any demand?

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I’d be up for it.

Oh yes, make hey while the sun shines.

This is the Wolfies chip run I did the other year

Running out of time for me…I’m off on Thursday 4th Aug, morning.

That’s an idea! I’m off work 4th August too.

Fancy a trip to the seaside?

I was thinking an evening one as more people can, but no reason we cant do two! (unless many people can do during the day?

Great, we leave for Greece on the 7.50am Le Shuttle! See you there!

@nivag I’ll use that. Looks pretty good.

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I can defo vouch for their F&C as well!

I wish I could join you. Have a good one

There’s always next week.

I know a lot of that route and it’s excellent for bike run. thanks for the route map.

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