Could resist posting it......

So we had a house party up in Camden last night and it went off like a house on fire…got to meet a load of nice people…but there was this one that cracked me up.

Mark, as he will now be known, got talking to me about bikes…and I was in there like a shot…anyway, after talking for about an hour he said "yeah, there are a load of bikers outside my flat every bloody friday night on chelsea bridge causing havoc and it really p****s me off because I paid a fortune for it…REALLY didn’t have the heart to tell him that I was one of them but inside I WAS PI**ING MYSELF laughing .

(and no, he isn’t the egg chucker )

That’s funny, did you ask him how he managed to buy a flat there without actually knowing about an event that’s been established for about fifty years? What a dimwit Hope he’s not a close friend!

And where was the invite?

the chelsea bloke remonds me of a story nr here.
Dockhead there is a fire station, bloke buys a flat nearby and soon after is complaining about the fire engines siren when leaving st at night, FFS, lol ya dont need twats like that.

Not a close friend but know him through my housemate…top bloke…he’s going to come down and join us next time with beers for all

See if he can find out who the egg chucker is.

Already on it mate…he wasn’t too impressed that stuff like that happened

LOL… That’s funny…