could motogp get hybrid bikes?

interesting idea

F1 got electric cars, I don’t see why not, it’s the future

It makes perfect sense, torque at will basically if they can manage to make the electric motors small enough, just look at F1 or the e system in the McLaren P1, the hardest thing for the bike will be keeping it powered with KERS and how they integrate that, but it is logically the next step to provide faster bikes, the first firm to master it will lead Moto GP, of that I think there is little doubt, couple it with a turbo and you can use it to eliminate lag and extend the torque curve even further. The hybrid is definitely the future, rather than the purely electric, and the sooner the tech filters down to us the better, i think the hybrid possibilities are really exciting if the engineering obstacles can be conquered.

But in all reality, the F1 Technology utilises aerodynamics for the overtaking (DRS) the rear spoiler opens up giving less drag on the straight allowing the car to travel through the air quicker, this would be useless on a Bike as other than the Ducati, none of the bikes have Aerofoil spoilers, plus i’m not sure how safe it would be taking away some of the stability of a bike, the KERS system would be dangerous i feel, can you imagine doing 200mph on a bike then hitting a Boost button to try and get past Marquez?? lol. I think they will go all electric like in the TT class rather than hybrid

hybrid has nothing to do with aerodynamic aids

I know that :slight_smile:
I meant F1 tech as a whole, The DRS system etc all works in conjunction with the aerodynamics of the car, i’m pretty sure they can’t use the KERS whilst the DRS is open as it will make the car too unstable, how would a bike work with KERS without all the Aerodynamics the F1 car has, Look how poor Marquez’s bike was at the start of the season due to putting too much power through the new chassis, as soon as they put the old chassis back on he is flying again. That must be something to do with Aerodynamics and how the bike handles the Airflow. I think the hybrid stuff with the KERS system etc could be dangerous on a bike as the batteries are so heavy, where would they go? would it change the centre of gravity & de-stabilise the bike?

You cant compare F1 to Moto GP
you can still have hybrid without aerodynamic aids
what hyrid gives is power with efficiency
so to make an engine more efficient is to reduce the power by reducing the CC get power back by either forced induction or hyrid or both


Kers has nothing to do with aerodynamics sam, DRS does, but that is a separate thing all together, some form of KERS (Kinetic energy recovery system) is necessary for a hybrid to properly function as it is that which will keep a necessarily small battery charged, ready to enable the instant torque we are talking about. DRS i agree would not be utilisable on a bike, but none of us ever mentioned it.