Could be my next holiday....

Check this out, funny as :stuck_out_tongue:

I predict that will be a huge success on facebook :smiley:

haha!!! thats so funny, me and my workmates this Morning were poking fun out of each other about going on holiday with Pirate in Somalia!

this just seals the joke!!! :hehe: thanks Tiggi LoL :smiley:

You gonna book up then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds really romantic and very family orientated :smiley: :P:cool::cool:

LoL it be a crime not to! :doze: I’ll get kidnapped by Pirate and my workmate next to me will battle to save me, thats what we discussed but she’s not keen & doesnt understand why anyone would want to go there. She’s Mad! I mean going to Somalia is all the rage atm, But she’s opting for Southend on Sea as a holiday resort instead - I mean why! whhhyyyy there!?! :w00t:

I’d rather go on hols to the priate ridden coast of Somalia than the chav ridden coast of Southend on Sea :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, love it… might buy my ex a ticket :D:D