Cotswolds Loop 13-4-13

A tour of the Cotswolds on Saturday 13th April.

200-250 miles.
L plates welcome, though expect to be asked to tail-gun.

Start: 9.00 at the Ace for a prompt 9.30am depart. Full tanks please!
Via: H Cafe around 10:45am where I for one will be having a bacon roll. Welcome to join us there.
Late afternoon ~5pm at M40 Oxford Services - make your way back into London as you please (L plates can take the A40).

A bit of this:

Lots of these:

Not too many of these:

But lots of:

FYI there may be some non-LB folks joining us too.


Martin this Saturday is the 6th not the 13th.

If your doing this on the 13th I would be interested.

Don’t know what you’re talking about :smiley:

Thanks, edited. 13th April.

Very much hope to be back on a proper bike for this, so please count me in at this stage, subject to begrudging approval from physio!

Ally, fingers crossed!

This sounds interesting. I might be in for this, just one question - is it 10.45 lunch or 10.45 breakfast?

Breakfast probably. There’s a stop at 1.30-2 later on, where one can forgo cream tea for a roast dinner etc. Or have both, like some fat bastards did last time! :slight_smile:

Ok one fat bastard signing up - tentatively :smiley:

i’m supposed to have new tires fitted on next saturday :crying:

so i guess i’ll go scrub them by myself. :smiley:

Looks like a plan as long as the Beast passes mot this saturday

Will be at H cafe

Weather permitting, this looks like a go

Looks doable, also at the H, also CBR11XX.

Guess who saw “fat bastard” and thought it was designed for him?:Whistling:

Harsh…but fair :D:D

Best get Rosso to sort a fat bastard rideout for the summer…he makes me look like twiggy !!!

you aint seen me lately have u !! lost weight, skinny git now:) oh and I wont be riding now this summer, hip op on the 31/5/13, so that’s me fooked for 2 or 3 months :frowning:

oh and you look like twiggy, you must be having a blonde moment :D:D

I’m in
If you’ll have me :cool:

I’m up for this (subject to my mate coming down for the weekend) :slight_smile:

Looking good so far, lets see how it changes over the coming week :smiley:

Sat 13 Apr0:005:595 °c2 °c1032 mb95 %0.0 mm14 %7 mph
6:0011:591 °c-3 °c1035 mb94 %0.0 mm49 %7 mph
12:0017:5910 °c8 °c1037 mb66 %0.0 mm38 %9 mph
18:0023:5910 °c5 °c1038 mb72 %0.0 mm37 %11 mph

Count me in martin it’s Jordan from meet up :smiley:

  1. KTMmartin
  2. Rosso
  3. CurlyAlly (physio)
  4. george.b (tentatively)
  5. steveCBR11XX (MOT)
  6. Rusty99 (weather)
  7. AlanC
  8. theoc
  9. R1 FRANC (mates)
  10. Suzukijordan

Haha if you put it like this we really are a bunch of indecisive bikers, aren’t we? :smiley: