Cost to transport bike

Does anyone know how much roughly I’d be looking at, to get a bike transported 20 odd miles across London, on a van or trailer ?
Is there anyone here who does it or has the right anchoring in a van ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Try pm’ing ADZ

I can think of at least six off the top of my head… I guess the question is from where to where?

Cheers for the replies, got it sorted now if I need it :slight_smile:

So, what was the bleedin’ answer?

It would be nice if you shared the solution. There may well be others out there that are in a similar situation.


I came to an arrangement with Andyp69 off here if I need the service.

I heard he will do anything for a blow job…

I’m going to jump on the back of this I might need the same anyone on here around to do this for me? would be approx 40 miles and how much would you want?

Is that all ? I got ripped off then :angry::w00t: