Cost advice needed!

Sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong section, please feel free to move it!I need a little advice on race fairings… notably race fairings for a GSXR600 k1

They’re for my husbands trackbike which he managed to smash up ‘good and proper’ last October. He hasnt been a bike since, mainly because of the injuries he had from it but also because theres a lot of fixing to be done!

I thought as an insentive to get back in to the seat, I would buy him new set of race fairings. The set hes got will need a lot of gaffer tape!!! Only trouble being I havent got a clue how much they should cost? I need a full set which from memory comes in three pieces.

Just thought i’d try and use the unrivalled knowledge of the LB members to try and make sure I dont get diddled :slight_smile:

Thanking you :smiley:

well helloooooo

longtime no see we didnt even know about the crash either


Well full sets cost around 460 but you could try this guy, see what his reserve is… a second hand set here for £169 bracket here :slight_smile: are loads from Hong Kong, but not sure how dosgy they are…?

Ive got a full set for sale if your intrested from my GSXR 600 k1. They’re a bit tatty round the edges but still look the part.
wouldnt be looking for a fortune :slight_smile:

see pics




You should be able to pick up a fairly decent set for £250 brand new.

I have a really nice set for a 750Y model that I suspect are identical to K1 600 items - never been out of the box.

If it was a proper man’s crash you’ll no doubt need a pair of air tubes too. I have a pair of those too!

Come to think of it I also have a pair of tubes copied from the crescent superbike ones of that era (They are longer and designed to push into the frame cut-outs)