Corona Virus thread

@RyanSimmons, it’s all on there

Cheers, signed up.

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Spent 4 hours today cleaning the bike, snow foam, 2 bucket wash, clay bar , polish and back to black. If i get bored tomorrow ill do one of the cars :joy:


Wanna do mine…

Cant leave home sorry :joy:

Filled m the form, no heard anything yet. Did the same to be a Tseco delivery driver. Thinking I can take some twisties to/from work…


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Ditto i might be going back to work tomorrow as i am in construction. So long route home will be a great idea with less traffic on the road.

With this virus going around I’ve decided to sell my Ducati and buy a Harley.

You can’t catch anything with a Harley :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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dont play to hard
police are out watching & waiting

I popped out to Sainsbury’s at quarter to eight tonight. I messaged my neighbour (cause she’s stuck indoors and I’m nice like that) and she asked me to pick up some semi-skimmed milk and a bag of mini eggs.

Imagine my surprise on my way back when everyone came out of their houses and started clapping in the street. I said ‘just being a good neighbour’ and went back inside.

Very surreal, but nice to finally get some recognition.



So Borris has Carona

Excuse me while I laugh maniacally. I hope the saggy gobshite dies.

Very nasty thing to say!!!


I look forward to hanging a sign on his gravestone that says “My rich pals and massive ego couldn’t save me”. He has no empathy or compassion and I have none for him.

And you wish death on him? That’s low!


I think he’s ok. I met him at a book signing in Leadanhall Market and he was nice enough.

Just remember that the tories cheered when a law to remove the cap on salaries and pay rises for nhs, police and fire service was voted down.

They. Fucking . Cheered.

Tories policies have also caused 100’000s of extra deaths over the last 10 years. The NHS has been decimated, Police, fire ambulance services are all been decimated.

I’m not going to shed a tear for any Tory infected. They have proved themselves to be heartless self centred selfish individuals.


Fair enough kev you don’t want to shed any tears for infected Tories. But for me groovy to hope someone dies is disgusting.