Corona Virus thread

Warn your parents. The criminal element are doing doorstep scams and cold calling offering holiday refunds. Particularly targeting the elderly. Scum of the earth.

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just cough/ sneeze on them

Day two of lockdown and I now regret a few things
Spending money for squash shoes three weeks ago… Currently unworn
Buying 4work shirts the weekend before homeworking started
Buying 10squash lessons 2weeks back
Not going for a haircut

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Anyone planning on volunteering for the NHS i’m looking at doing medical deliveries in north London.


I’m signed up
For those interested, they’ll do a DBS, so you need a form of if to hand (I take a photo of and upload)

If you have more detail on this please let me know.

@RyanSimmons, it’s all on there

Cheers, signed up.

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Spent 4 hours today cleaning the bike, snow foam, 2 bucket wash, clay bar , polish and back to black. If i get bored tomorrow ill do one of the cars :joy:


Wanna do mine…

Cant leave home sorry :joy:

Filled m the form, no heard anything yet. Did the same to be a Tseco delivery driver. Thinking I can take some twisties to/from work…


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Ditto i might be going back to work tomorrow as i am in construction. So long route home will be a great idea with less traffic on the road.

With this virus going around I’ve decided to sell my Ducati and buy a Harley.

You can’t catch anything with a Harley :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank you for using DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online.
Your SORN has been successful.


dont play to hard
police are out watching & waiting

I popped out to Sainsbury’s at quarter to eight tonight. I messaged my neighbour (cause she’s stuck indoors and I’m nice like that) and she asked me to pick up some semi-skimmed milk and a bag of mini eggs.

Imagine my surprise on my way back when everyone came out of their houses and started clapping in the street. I said ‘just being a good neighbour’ and went back inside.

Very surreal, but nice to finally get some recognition.



So Borris has Carona

Excuse me while I laugh maniacally. I hope the saggy gobshite dies.