Corona Virus thread

They are.

I’m running an online scout meeting tonight via Google Meet, went on yesterday to show the parents how to use it and fix any issues, only to be told they spent their school day on it (or similar)

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@Longshanks @Boris good to know

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LOL, like that one.

Warn your parents. The criminal element are doing doorstep scams and cold calling offering holiday refunds. Particularly targeting the elderly. Scum of the earth.

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just cough/ sneeze on them

Day two of lockdown and I now regret a few things
Spending money for squash shoes three weeks ago… Currently unworn
Buying 4work shirts the weekend before homeworking started
Buying 10squash lessons 2weeks back
Not going for a haircut

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Anyone planning on volunteering for the NHS i’m looking at doing medical deliveries in north London.


I’m signed up
For those interested, they’ll do a DBS, so you need a form of if to hand (I take a photo of and upload)

If you have more detail on this please let me know.

@RyanSimmons, it’s all on there

Cheers, signed up.

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Spent 4 hours today cleaning the bike, snow foam, 2 bucket wash, clay bar , polish and back to black. If i get bored tomorrow ill do one of the cars :joy:


Wanna do mine…

Cant leave home sorry :joy:

Filled m the form, no heard anything yet. Did the same to be a Tseco delivery driver. Thinking I can take some twisties to/from work…


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Ditto i might be going back to work tomorrow as i am in construction. So long route home will be a great idea with less traffic on the road.

With this virus going around I’ve decided to sell my Ducati and buy a Harley.

You can’t catch anything with a Harley :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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