Corona K7 race bike

With twin pipes

It does it for me Pete all id change are the chunky zaust hangers.

looking good if they do it in a 750, im sold!!!

happy xmas

hmmmm wonder how it’d look with high cans…

A better pic



Much better pic, though out of focus? Shoddy job Suzuki I’m still not sold on this revision, I think it’s very rough around the edges and has no overall beauty. I see the team’s still running the factory SBK swingarm and front-end from last year as well, and there’s no Yoshimura engine covers?

Looks like what suzuki should have done with the tl1000r. Looks agressive.

Look forward to seeing Max winning on it lots!

second photo is so much better,

It dosen’t have the Italian twat sat on it!

still not sure about the twin cans though, underseat would be much better

What a beauty mate, i`m a big Gixer fan.

Max is still banging out cracking testing times. I’m amazed, but reeeeeeeally excited as to what this means for next year! Bring it on!

Well it all starts in Feb so cant wait !!

It’s just not coming around quick enough!!! I’ve resorted to watching sheffield united kick Arsenals backside!!