Cordura Suits

Are the above any good? Any one have experience of them???

Can’t see ebay from here - what is it? is the site he sells from, but same suit is on Ebay. is the Cordura Suit I was looking at (but in BLACK)

Why do you say that. Not all of us have a large pot of funds to buy gear from… If it works and protects you, then it does the job. What I’m trying to find out, is if anyone has used this company before and whether the product is any good.

I’ve not used this company before. Anyone else?

I have been looking at the leather suits that these guys seem to be able to sell at a fraction of the price of any branded label. Personally I dont know, but their feed back seems to bode pretty well in their favour.

They have been around a while and seem to sell quite a lot of stuff.

I’m with Charlie on the leathers+waterproof v. Cordura thing.

Just thought I’d say

No help otherwise soz

I dont think Charlie was trying to offend…thats usually my job

To answer the question, no I have not heard of the company. As for the kit…will it work, yeah it will probably work for a while and then one day it wont simple. Its a basic waterproof jacket and matching trousers that they cant get rid of at £199 so are desparately trying to offload it for £120.

Is it Cordura…my hairy backside is it! There are very few companies who can actually afford to make jackets and trousers out of Cordura, the main one being Rukka. What cheap manufactures do is maybe stitch one seam somwhere with Cordura thread…and simply say its Cordura.

Oh yeah and what will you do WHEN it leaks or starts to fall apart? Email the company and pay X amount to ship it back to them? Good luck.

Agreed not every one can afford to buy Rukka, but people seem very happy to buy new waterproof kit every single year as the last cheap crap they bought started to leak! So thats £120 EVERY year! So that actually costs you more money than buying some decent kit in the first place. Nuff said

PS: No I dont wear Rukka as I dont like it! But I do sell it every single day to all sorts of people ranging from toffs to couriers ( I sold Charlie his stuff) and even a sixteen year kid once! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

My Arlen Ness stuff (jacket & trousers) is definitely cordura, its well armoured, warm and does actually keep water out. I don’t know how long it will last but I don’t really care … its doing well for me and was loads cheaper off eBay compared with shop prices.

I agree with the waterproof overcoat over leathers. I actually wear my waterproof jacket over my “supposedly” waterproof frank thomas textile. Dont want to test it, as it will be too late then, so if it looks like rain, always carry separate waterproofs.

Ebay does seem like a place to get a good deal, whether it be branded or non branded stuff.

Ummm…NO actually its a blend of Ballistic Nylons. As I said before there are very few companies who can afford to make pure Cordura items. Dainese dont Alpinestars dont…I could keep going but whats the point.

I would definitely be uneasy about buying waterproofs off e-bay because of the difficulties getting any comeback if (or blade would say “when”) they leak. You would only need one faulty seam at the crotch and you’d end up with soggy bits where you don’t want your bits to be soggy, and your ride would be very uncomfortable. Certainly second-hand should be avoided unless you don’t MIND having soggy bits - you can’t be sure the person isn’t selling them because they leaked…

Even if it’s not raining, I’ve taken to wearing my (borrowed) HG waterproof jacket over my leather jacket, for the windproofing. Kept me lovely and toasty today.

Thanks for the replies people. I was a bit testy in my response earlier, apologies, stressful month at work.

Yes, I do agree that you get what you pay for, but unfortunately I am not able to get what I would like, so I’m looking at alternatives that I can put on the credit card for this now. Not ideal, but such is life. The only reason I’m doing this is because my Swift pants split at the crotch, but were fine until then.

Get peter storm water proofs or something like that, and wear it over your normal riding gear. That is what I do and I have never got wet. These are only about £30 for jacket and trousers and still work now, 4 years on.

Peter Storm. From Millet’s by any chance. I’m 6ft6, so they had better have them in xxxxl sizes to fit over my kit. Ended up gettin Lewis Textiles, which at least are a known brand - £111 delivered for jacket and trousers from Ebay.

My HG cuise jacket has a “cordura” label, is there an easy way to tell my looking at the fabric?

I just checked the HG site and they say:

  • highly abrasion resistant Dynax polyamide fabric
  • wear and tear proof Cordura® by DuPont®

Which I guess would suggest that the majority of the jacket is not cordura…

… anyone know how “Dynax Polyamide” stacks up against Cordura?

Dunno, but it sure sounds like it will make you regular!

Dynax Polymide sounds cool though it will probably be similar to what most companies use which is a form of Nylon as its fairly cheap to manufacture. Even a huge company like Dainese cant afford to use Cordura, but instead have spent millions inventing their own equivalent fabrics.

The main thing about Cordura is that if you fall off at speed and slide down the road it wont a) melt and b) wont tear easily and C) its actually very soft!. Thats why so many companies use Cordura panels or stitching to reinforce areas that are vulnerable and then put Cordura badges all over their kit as they are aware of the power of the brand name.

Next time you are in a bike shop compare the feel of a Rukka jacket and something like a top end Frank Thomas. The difference is dramatic

Yeah, but you have to buy two of everything with Rukka so you have something to wear while the other is away being repaired, same with Datona

yeah but thats just cos you like spending loads of money with me thats all