Cor! It's hot down 'ere! ;-)

Hi all,

My name is Mike. I recently moved down to Aldershot for work and other reasons. I’ve come down from Warrington with my girlfriend, but I am originally from Liverpool (no perm or track-suit here, sorry). The first thing I’ve noticed is the weather is a lot hotter down here (it’s about 8˚C hotter than Warrington as I type this). It’s also flatter… I miss Wales :frowning:

I’m hoping I can get to know some peeps to go on regular rides with (I’m going on one tomorrow with a friend, if anyone wants to come?). I had quite a lot of friends up North I’ve left behind now, so I’m riding nomad! Booo! My friend and I also have a trip partially-planned to Italy next year, with us both also having an interest in Spain and France in the mean-time.

I hope I can make the Market meet on Wednesday. It would be nice to meet a few of you, although I’m a bit unsure about heading into the centre of London as I’ve never been there. Also, aren’t there charges for riding into the centre?

Anyway, pleasure to meet you all.


No charges for riding into town, just for parking in the borough of Westminster (not a problem for the borough meet, which is in Southwark).

As a fellow northerner (Preston/Chorley), I’m melting in this heat.

Good to know, thanks. I shall start getting my head around getting there from Hayes, Greater London (where I work).

Tell me about it. Isn’t it funny how we moan when it rains because we can’t have a ride out, but when it’s blazingly hot and perfect for riding, we moan/melt :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, welcome to LB. I’m loving this hot weather, despite it being hot and sticky I still prefer it to the miserable cold and rain and horrible winter :smiley:
might see you out and about while summer is here :cool:

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:


welcome, i did live in Bootle for a wee while and used to commute to Wigan for work, ah they were the days:) Thankfully i escaped Bootle and moved back to London, enjoy!