Cor Blimey Guv, apples an' pears me old china!

Woo hoo, time to learn the lingo. Got my start date for me London job (unfortunately not as a chirpy chimerney sweep, not to stereotype at all). Start first Monday in September, and should finally be able to make the Cubana.

Congratulations, Nick. Look forward to seeing you in the big smoke, me ol’ china, an no mistake

Congrats …

Nice whistle…shinny pair of daisys and a flash dog in ya top pocket (making sure youve brushed ya hampsteads) and the out for a few pigs with the other oppo,s on ya first day. Getting all Brahms and rolling ya minces at the office doris wont help though as the Guv will aim you straight down the Kermit !!

have a butchers here !!


All the best Mukka !!

As long as you don’t start jumping through pictures on the pavement, then you’ll be all right