Cops Sitting In cheeky Place!

On the Edgeware A5 Bridge dual carriage way - its a 30 limit but as you can imagine it was clear and i came thundering over it on towards cricklewood doing 80-90 and luckily the missis spotted cops tucked away just off the slip road clearly saw me but i managed to slow, they pulled up beside me and i got the waggled finger treatment but if i was flyin solo i would have got stuck so be warned!!!:wink:

90 in a 30 !!!


No doubt if the OP had been stuck on for this there’d have been a thread asking if there’s a way to avoid the fine / ban and the unfairness of the UK legal system !!!

Note to self: Don’t do 90mph in a 30mph limit (insert sarcasm as appropriate)

Posted in disbelief:ermm:

I’m not having a pop at the original poster directly for doing this just a tad amazed that in this day and age someone would admit to this in a very public forum !?!?:crazy:

That wasn’t my intention either, each to their own and all that, but then nothing surprises me nowadays

I don’t think I’ve ever gone over it at 30, either. If it’s where I think he’s talking about, it’s this road,-0.232258&spn=0,359.997658&t=h&z=19&layer=c&cbll=51.570962,-0.232364&panoid=RGWfnU5CRc7WwMwO2CtHZg&cbp=12,330.0237881108383,,0,5

It’s the lower one, not the bridge the photo’s taken from (which is a 50).

I wouldn’t say 90 was a particularly sensible speed to go over it at, but it ‘feels’ so much more like a 40 or 50 road (until you’re off the bridge again) than a 30.

That’s kind of asking for trouble.

Even that stupid section on the A13 where it dips down under an overpass and becomes a 30 (from a 40) for no apparent reason, I’d not really think about doing 90 there…Each to their own though :hehe:

A mate of mine lost his Car Drivers licence for doing exactly that in the same place. Furthermore, it was a snap and they didn’t follow it up for some 9 months after the snap was taken!

I saw the police on the morning mentioned in this thread. I got a waggled finger here about a year ago! Since then, I always ride this road at 30 and I’m ALWAYS the slowest vehicle on the road, by about 20 mph! :w00t:

Your mate should have gone not guilty then as once the NIP is served (within 14 days from the offence) they have 6 months to take him to court (summons). If I was him I’d speak to a solicitor to see if anything can be done to get this overturned.Edited to add - he deserves to lose his licence for doing 90 in a 30 IMO though !!

nah, you’d be doing at least a ton twenty!! With a trail of crashed bikes behind you from people trying to keep up! :stuck_out_tongue:

I go over the flyover at Staples Corner on the A5 every morning at the moment. Was under taken by a van on Monday, I was doing well over the limit, but it was 06.00!

90 in a 30 is a joke… but I do have some sympathy… some of the limits that have been applied to sections of road in and around London are silly when you consider that they were originally probably part of the Motorway system. It doesn’t really feel right to do 30mph on a piece of empty 4 lane at 0600 in the morning.

The limits have been applied in response to people’s inability to drive to the conditions… empty = 50 and busy = 30… I’d like to see more variable speed limits.

When Red Ken was in charge it was his policy that no road within the GLA area would be subject to a national speed limit, hence why most of the dual carriageways in London now have a 50mph limit. It’s also why the A40(M) and A102(M) became normal dual carriageways not subject to motorway regs - as he wanted control of them not the Highways Agency…