cooperised UK racer Ken Cooper

not sure if he still does it ???
big boys bikes !!!



Drag bikes rock, I remember going to Santa Pod raceway with Fredy, it was a great day out, watching the mad machines roar past, and the odd one or two crash.

Ken Cooper works with my mate at Honda Chiswick, i dunno if he is still that involved in the drag race scene but i can find out for you.

ah did not know !!! he had a shop in ??? forgot close to the M4

live just 5 min from honda chiswick will come and see him

need to supercharge ( R1 ) and i think he is the man to do the job

used to have a shop in the heston - hounslow area i dont quite know what happened to it,

my mate used to work for him years ago in the above area , then he got a job at honda chiswick

then Ken turned up one day and i think he’s the workshop foreman but i could be wrong.

jear right the shop in heston is closed.
will go the next days to find out about chiswick honda