Coolmax Base Layers

Got to the point were i think i need to get a new base layer for the summer .

so what do people wear and recommend? ive looked at the dainese line and some will give you a mental feeling of being warm. the alpinestar ones do look rather good …

I wear EDZ, the basic black one. Surprisingly cool, much better than nothing. The only issue is that if it touches velcro it pulls it and starts to look tatty.

I tried the Knox top and it was too warn for summer. Not tried anything else but open to suggestions.

I usually wear Helly Hansen stuff under my leathers and find it absolutely perfect! I also have a pair of EDZ leggings which also fit the bill.

bought an EDZ top the other day, reasonable price and definitely cooler than the usual cotton t-shirts i was wearing to work

if its been a hot ride, you can rinse it in the evening and it will be dry the next morning

+1 for the edz stuff, got leggings and 2 tops so use one day rinse out and use again easy peasy :slight_smile:

EDZ for me too, and some similar I bought on ebay from a company called Grene in Poland, similar but not as expensive. For winter, Knox.

I’m an EDZ’er too and Steve is right, velcro muller’s them in seconds – I think EDZ are made with a built-in vecro magnet as it’s impossible to keep them separated.

Ive got a Knox top and leggins. Very comfy under leathers, i cant believe i’ve gone this long with out them actually!

Certainly not warm, but do seem to stop the sweaty wet feeling…

Being a chap that is built more for comfort than speed I find my natural insulation more than enough :D:D

+1 for EDZ … Great during the summer but im thinking about getting a set of Helly Tech base layers for the winter… pluss i can use them when snowbaording too, so sort of dual use

I have an EDZ top bought recently and it works great on a warm day, I’ll have to pop into J&S and get some leggings too.

I’ll have to investigate the Helly stuff for winter, the cheap thermals I bought a couple of years back really don’t do that much for keeping me warm, they’re an extra layer and better than nowt but not really good enough.

I take it you were old today then. So I’m not the only one who needs new thermals let me know if the ones you buy are any good. :slight_smile:

Methinks you are being a little bit cheeky there Miss Suki?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, to clarify, I only where thermals under my leathers when I’m riding the bike, not just as a matter of course because the temp has dropped a couple of degrees, if you want to discuss how old people keep warm at this time of year you’ll have to bring it up with SteveCBR11XX! :wink:

Although to be fair there were times today when it was a bit brass monkeys! :pinch:

If I get some new thermals to wear when I’m out on the bike I’ll let you know how they work out. :smiley:

I swear by Icebreaker gear. They do different thickness’ and I find that the 200 is usually warm enough without baking you. Also washes well; you can find them in most outdoorsy type shops like Ellis Brigham and Snow & Rock .

Me being cheeky. lol :D:D:D

I’ve just bought some underarmour cold gear from the states that me ma’ is bringing back for me… i need it at the minute, its a little bit chilly out there!!! :smiley: