Hi all i need to top up my engine coolent as its running low … can some one confirm wether i have to get proper coolent and if so where from ?

or can i just mix up some anti freeze and if so what type and how much ?

Thanks peps…

51 plate R6


Most anti freeze works as a coolant as well. You can get it from Car Spares places. There is a correct mix, coolant and water. Read the back of the bottle, it will tell you. If you are just topping up, water would suffice. Probably best doing a full coolant change before winter sets in, that way you know that you have the correct amount of anti freeze in the bike for the nasty cold weather.

Check your book of words (service book/owners manual) for the right type and as Chuffster says, almost winter so prepare.

for winter you normaly want a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water - that should be strong enough unless we start seeing below zero teperatures over winter!!! - lets hope not eh

Great cheers all ;o)

dont forget you need to make sure that its ok for aluminium cause some coolents can be corrosive