Coolant leak


So today after commuting to work as I park the bike up it dumps coolant on the floor from the rubber hose. The bike has never done anything like this before and was running fine and remained normal temps. The bike due it’s major service this coming Tuesday 24k. I refilled the bike with coolant and ran the bike till the fan came on reving the bike to 3k rpm the fan came on at 102c as Normal and the temp came down no coolant came out this time. Any suggestions?


It’s meant to come out the overflow like that when there’s too much pressure in the system. You might have had an air bubble in a pipe. Don’t worry about it, keep an eye on it til Tuesday and get them to check the cooling system during the service.


Thanks groovy. So today I checked the system. It seems like the locking nut had loosened a bit over time causing the rad to expell coolant under pressure. So I opened it up bleed the air out the system and put the cap back on and tightened the locking nut everything seems to be holding well will check again Monday after my commute if it leaks again I may ask for a new rad cap with the service