Coolant boiling

Hi all just broke down in Eltham. Bike was overheating and then the coolant was boiling and started steaming out . gonna wait for it to cool down then ride it home. I think the system needs flushing cos there looks to be something mucky in thr coolant reservoir. Anybody know how to flush the radiator and reservoir? I live in e14. Would massively appreciate it if somebody could come around to take a look.

It isn’t creamy sludge by any chance?

Nope it’s still blue from what I can see. Managed to get home. It started boiling again. Could it be airlock? Fancy yourself a little hobble tonight or tomorrow?

Where was it boiling from? In the expansion tank? or steaming from the radiator cap? What was your temperature gauge reading? Could be an airlock, but unlikely unless you’ve changed the coolant very recently. Was it low on coolant? I know you do a bit of your own fettling, you havent accidently crimped one of the hoses? Plenty of oil in it? What are you riding these days?

Yep was boiling from the resevoir cap which actually popped open. Well I noticed the temp gauge go from normal (about 5 bars) down to zero bars. That’s when I noticed a lot of heat coming from the bike, then stopped at some lights and I started steaming like ****.

Haven’t changed the coolant. Coolant levels were normal until now as quite a bit has leaked out.

Haven’t done anything with this bike so haven’t touched the hoses.

Oil level was checked a few days ago and it was fine.

It’s a Daytona 675.

I’m thinking faulty thermostat as a possibility. Refilling and bleeding the system is probably a good idea. Can always pull the output hose from the water pump to check it’s operational.
I can pop over tomorrow afternoon if it helps?

Check the pump?

Flush the system I guess… I’ve done this by taking the reservoir cap off, the rad cap, and the drain bolt, then squirt the garden hose through the system for a time. Then once it dries, refill it with coolant fluid.

Check your rad is nice and clean, and that the coolant fan works…?

I put the garden in reverse to flush out coolant systems that way if there is a blockage it will be pushed back the way it came & it tends to move buildup because the flow is in the oppersite direction

because the bike has over heated & dumped its water I would replace the etat but check the new one works failure rates are quite high on new stats

I’m not very mechanical minded at all; so instead of fucking something up, I’d rather someone who knows what they’re doing did it for me :slight_smile:

Scorch: tomorrow afternoon is good with me. I’ll text you my address now.

Sounds like an opportunity for a nice soft boiled egg to me .

check the seal on the radiator cap, if it’s allowing the pressure to drop the coolant will boil & escape…

My Hornet pissed its self today too, but only a little from one side, bit odd, still got plenty of coolant in it and its not dripping or leaking:blink:

Cooling fan?