Cool stuff for poor people


love free things…thx

We need to help the poor :wink: enjoy the free stuff paupers :smiley:

Im not sure that this is very PC, Pete :slight_smile: Surely it should be: “Cool stuff for people who resist purchasing overpriced inflated use media packs whos only saving grace is the motogp that they show every now and again on one of their channels”?

Since when did PC and Ducati Pete sit together in a post?

I’ll tell the truth. I wanted to watch the full Laguna race, but it was at 6am Monday morning here and I’ve not got Star sports in my hotel.

So, through gritted teeth I purchased a “event pass” from

I was able to come back from work on Monday evening and watch the whole thing “as live”, in HD too!

The only problem was, it’s just about impossible to log onto the home page to find the link to the video, WITHOUT seeing one of many spoilers as to who won the race.

Cor, some people are a bit touchy!! Aren’t they???