Cool new honda bike..

I saw this on the A40 looks very cool…better than the photo…also its got no chain and gears or clutch…its automatic drive…



it’s a DN01, or as it’s critics have called it the D-no-one as they say no one will but it.

I’ve seen it at bike shows not my thing, looks like a UFO

Thats what they said about TV when it came out new…i would buy one…

My god… that looks like the bastardised child of a Goldwing and an R1.

And Auto? So it’s a twist-and-go? Say goodbye to fuel efficency and easy acceleration.

Too big, too bulky, too weird looking, as has been said, like a UFO. Really looks like a sportified Goldwing for people who don’t like gears.


Go on then, put your money where your mouth is ! :hehe:

At over £9k new it’s pretty much the same price as a litre sportsbike. :crazy:

Hmm, lets see now, do I go for 200KG & 160 BHP or for a 270KG & 60 bhp ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like it, but if easyrider does, it’s gonna be his bike :wink:

I have a friend of mine who bought one last month and a couple of weeks ago we went out on a rideout.
His DN-01 was fine up the A1M and along normal A roads but once on the countery lanes it was ****, the bike didn’t like cornering at all as it didn’t want to lean into the bend. My mate even said the counter lanes is no good for the bike.
It may look nice which it does but absolute useless on English roads. This is a bike for the States as they don’y have twisty country lanes.

Looks crap in my opinion.

I agree it doesn’t look good and I do not get it but it still have twice as mch bhp than your R6 :stuck_out_tongue:

hi yes i test rode this bloody horrid thing because it was so awful i had too. its like a big scooter but fast. very weird. i love honda but what are they doing.:w00t: its something like 14000 pound as well.:w00t:

It’s basically a Deauville in new clothing. Think I would rather have the Deauville, it’s lighter and far more practical.

And that thing is just to damn ugly.

and mine, bloody awful

Aye, not just ugly, but utterly gutless too.
Should have put a 500cc V4 two stroke in it - would have at least have been fun then (up until the point where it spat the rider off :slight_smile: )

it is comfortable but if ridden in rain and you are the rider, all the water from the screen hits your chest and goes down to your crutch. If you are pillion your fron stays dry but you get all the water up your back …horrible but as I’ve said very comfortable indeed…and hm…different:D

I see one parked in the bay at Eaton square…

Wait another 11 months and I’ll ride rings around you! :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like a strap on…

no further comment at this point…

:sick: did they crash a scooter into a gold wing and got that:hehe::w00t:;):D:):w00t:

I always buy stuff second hand much cheaper…

That does not do the job for me. I’d rather have a tad more power and less weight. A Burgmann 400 would be a better option than that, or a T-Max.

I remember the Bike magazine roadtest on this, they said it was a jack of all trades and rubbish at all of them