cool galaxy S II ad

No its not, it makes me want to punch him…

psml… :smiley:

Some advertiser saw a street artist or something and went i know whats cool lets made an ad out of that? Nothing to do with the product being advertised. Nothing. Unless that kind of advert has fit chicks in it it aint no use to me. Move on.

How can you diss this ad! I think it’s brilliant! It’s very creative and captivating. It has everything to do with the product, in a slightly roundabout way. But ads these days are more about creating an image for the product/company and capturing attention rather than: here’s the product.

Everyone knows they’re selling a phone and you can get touchy touchy with it. Marketing is about spreading the word!

Anyways, sick ad.

OK, so for a hell of a lot of money, a phone company has advertised this phone to you successfully… to me its reminded me why I think admen are overpaid Bullshit artists who don’t deserve the air they breathe and should be b!tchslapped for wasting good oxygen…

They paid what their employer think is suitable (hopefully). If the advert makes for big sales for the product, the advertisers should get a good chunk. Just market forces (or something).

But I don’t really care about the admen myself, it’s just a very cool video in itself.

shakes head

Don’t care what they sell but the video is bloody grate, did they sell the phone to me just from that? NO, but it made me consider it so I might go do my own research and see if I like what I read.

Do you think this advert has anything with Water?

Not sure but I saw it a while ago and was quite impressed.

UPDATE: I looked into it a little more and saw other adverts by Dorna, apparently they say “recharge yourself with nature” which does make sense now:D