Converting garage into workshop

Hi… Was wondering if anyone had some spare time and would like to give me a hand in converting my garage into a workshop…
Would be a case of installing some new lights and sorting out a little issue of water coming in !
Oh, and organising a “sh1t” load of tools…
Tea/coffee and curry and beer available on tap…

Oh, i’m in Carshalton (near Croydon/Sutton) Surrey.


I can help with this, but time is currently an issue.

How soon are you looking to do this, as I’ll have plenty of time on my hands in a few weeks?


Rich2302 …Cheers, PM sent

do it yourself, lazy git :stuck_out_tongue:

Been trying… Just end up shuffling stuff from one side of the garage to the other…

The spare fridge in the garage with cold beers inside don’t help either…:Whistling:

Sounds like an accident waiting to happen, a load of drunk blokes trying to build and move things :laugh:

Thats a bit sexist…I got some wine for the girlies too… They are more than welcome to help… :wink:

Hmm me thinks he is planning something else in this “garage/dungeon” of his :w00t:


… You got me !!!


damn it, I’ve already offered to help now, are you going to tie me up and abuse me??

If so, then I’ll clear my diary so I can get around a bit sooner

Furry Handcuffs or SM ?

I guess I better order the SOUND-PROOFING sooner rather than later…


I live just the other side of beddington park to you and have almost finished my workshop…dont have a lot of spare time but would be willing to help out with some of the more technical stuff such as power and lighting, have some spare sy cable if that may help , not a lot of good for bondage but great stuff for electrickery

Oh, not far at all… could I come and have a butchers at what you got…(inspiration)… Some sparkie experience will be great…



Pm sent.

free most Wednesdays as little one is in nursery
and maybe tuesday afternoons

Getting loads of help from the good people from LB… :smiley: