Converting a Carport to a garage

I’m looking at a place that has two carports built into it but I’d want to convert them into garages. Looking at the layout though it doesn’t look ideal for fitting doors (planning permission aside).

Can you fit a door (roller or cantilever) to a flush entrance like that or is the expectation always that there is some additional height inside?

It doesn’t matter, you can just box out the top if required and have a door smaller than the structural opening.
I have an old up and over garage door, it’s about 15cm shorter than the opening with a facia board making up the gap. I don’t think the door goes higher than the frame at any point though so I guess I could have a 15cm taller door if head clearance was an issue

Is it leasehold? If so you probably need permission from the freeholder.

The property is freehold. The carport space is actually massive as there is no wall down the middle. Could fit 2 cars and 4 bikes potentially. Great to hear that doors can be fitted.

Getting approval is another challenge but at least I know that fitting doors isn’t a terrible idea / non starter.

So what three bikes are on the list Joby?

Honda Monkey, Honda Forza 750, the 600RR (I have already) and a CB500 project bike to attempt to fix and then call Ricky to get it fixed.

And maybe a 90s Elan to mess around with.


How odd, wonder why they weren’t built as garages with roller doors?

It’s generally done by the planners in an effort to keep them as parking spaces so that the owner doesn’t use them for storage and park in the visitors spaces. I think it’s daft really as you can get so much more value out of a garage.

Ok so next question. Ball park estimate to run power and water into the garage. Proper job with a breaker box. I’m guessing a few grand to have it done properly.

I would check you can get planning permission to fit doors first.

As for power, where is the fuse box in relation to the carport?

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Directly above it through a concrete floor.

Drilling a concrete floor should be no problem, just have to keep the fire separation intact with intumescent material or a purpose made sleeve.

In my experience garage door sizing is a bit weird. You may be lucky and be able to use off the shelf products or perhaps need bespoke sizes. Find a garage door specialist.

90s Elan is a bit interesting. Always fancied a Lotus, would love an Evora if it weren’t for the lack of proper back seats and the small matter of the cost! Need to scratch the Lotus itch before I’m too old to get into one!

If the consumer unit is close by and within the same building it’s worth seeing if it has spare ways. If so you don’t need another box, you can just create a new ring main on a new mcb or rcbo if it’s not already protected.

Before the door, I’d be putting some insulation in the floor and sealing it. You’ll thank me for it later.

The next question is whether the insurer would consider it a garage? Might be one to check if you can - not sure how as every insurer would be different

Assume it would as it’s made of brick / concrete… It’s just whether adding the doors after causes an issue.

Check if there any covenants or restrictions in the title deeds or freehold. Otherwise it should be good.


Then sound out the planners first. If they have made that a particular policy for the development it may be impossible to get Planning Permission. Sometimes when developments get permission it is granted with conditions attached. If this is a condition written into this development’s permission then you have a mountain to climb. Grants of planning permission are searchable online.

It is very hard to speak to planners these days because of cuts to council services but if you persist you will get through. Often better to call in and speak face to face, you will get more info from them. Phone calls often end with “we can’t comment on that, you would have to make an application and see how it goes”.

If you do decide to go ahead and apply, despite advice telling you it would be refused, then I would challenge it on the grounds of security. If you can dig up any Anti-Social Behaviour reports from the neighbourhood you could try arguing the open car ports are attracting drug dealing and other ASB.

Thanks for all the replies. I canned the idea in the end. Too much up in the air. And also trying to repurpose something to do something it wasn’t designed to do. I’ll look for a house with a garage that has electricity and water installed already.