Contour - Roam vs GPS vs HD

Shipped today! Should have by the weekend, can’t wait!

That’s great.
I look forward to some near miss videos :wink:

Recently, my bike has asked me for a 15K kms service, mirrors, indicators, documentation, and a new rear tyre, so my Drift dreams are on hold.

However, I did buy myself a cheap HD camcorder and a Gorilla pod Magnetic which is an amazing gadget).

I have a gorillapod SLR, it’s awesome. I guess the magnetic adds magnetism - is it strong enough to hold on to say a car roof while driving? Or just run of the mill magnets for boring stationary bits? :slight_smile:

holy crap!

Exactly! :wink:

I plan to push it to extremes.
It’s great when you buy a product that is actually outstanding, I would put this alongside my Kriega stuff and EDZ liner as regards quality and performance.

My latest video with the Toshiba cam and Gorilla Pod:

So how are you finding the Drift HD 170 Simon? Do you have a sample from daylight? I saw the night one, didn’t seem bad…

I realised mine only has a battery life of 2½ hours, against the Drifts 4 hours, and you can get spare drift batteries for £8. The sound on mine is also just wind :frowning:

Loving it. Got the newer one, not the 170 (this is just called Drift HD Action Camera, it’s much smaller!). Will post up samples when I finally get some time free. Battery seems to record about 2 hours at 1080p, but only had a couple of charges so far. Also remote to turn on and off means less battery wasted. Microphone not great but not the end of the world, three sensitivity settings with the newest firmware, and there is a port for an external mic.

Update: had to return the Drift HD Action Camera. Details here:

Have now ordered the Contour Roam (from Amazon for £140).