Contour goes belly up

Get your hands on the existing stock before it’s gone…,842

That’s a shame…I use their Roam and really like it…:frowning:

I just bought a Contour HD, second hand, but used it for the first time at Donington during my races and found the quality to be superb and the fact that it can sit more flush to the bike than the GOPro made it a better choice for me.
This is a shame as i rate the unit and thought it a decent product for usability. I will just have to keep an eye out for any discounted accessories now i guess.

I’ve just bought a Roam as well after using a GoPro cause they fit flusher on the side of the lid and bike. Plus so much easier to turn on and off and the battery lasts all if you’re only using it for the good bits.

I’ve had a roam for a couple of years, and I think it’s superb. Real shame this happened.

Post links to clearout sales here!

^^what stu said