"Continuous Insurance Enforcement - what a pain in the ass

Just a bit of a rant.

So I have a couple of motorbikes. A few weeks ago the insurance on the KLV1000 ran out, but I was happily riding the ER6-f at the time so decided not to rush to re-insure the KLV. It was taxed and had a current MOT, but I was happy to let that run and not use it for a few weeks. It was sitting safe and sound in my garage. Then I got a letter telling me the rules now mean I have to insure the bloody thing or declare it SORN. F me - what a pain in the ass. I have to insure it even though I wasn’t using it. How is that sensible??? It in theory cuts down uninsured drivers - but just strikes me as unfair/stupid.

I’ve insured it now - with a multi bike policy so it is dirt cheap (£310/YR for 2 bikes) but it is bloody annoying that I can’t be assumed to be a law abiding citizen…


I think the law was changed to make it more difficult for Chavs to drive around in un insured vehicles.

But it doesn’t make it more difficult for Chavs because they don’t care and will do it regardless of whatever new law is brought into place, it just makes it more expensive for the law abiding citizen who wasn’t causing an issue in the first place.

Bloody Backwards thinking politicians…

I just went to Swansea Magistrates Court re this last week - not only do they require you to SORN it, they also lose the form then claim it’s your fault!

It’s a fecking pain and no mistake…

in these advanced days of IT I would think it was easy to spot scrotes and chavs and therefore leave tax paying decent hard working no criminal record people alone.

Criminal Record?
Police Cautions?
On benefits?
Wears trackies and hoodies?

99% likely to be riding around uninsured…you’ve got his address (Benefits Statement) Mr Policeman , just give him regular visits and leave the rest of us alone !:laugh::crazy:

Yeah it is a shitty change in the law. It assumes that we are all scumbags and WILL break the law by using an uninsured vehicle. The insurance companies will benefit and won’t pass on any savings to the consumers. Grrr.

Alex, I assume you lost - just because ignorance of the law isn’t a defence, and arguing that it is a shitty law won’t get far.

LOL - errr yeah - you might touch a few nerves there, but I agree with the overall sentiment which is leave the good guys alone! As for IT being advanced, - err no - it still isn’t that advanced…

Just the thought of the DVLA f*cking up, then charging me for the priviledge, puts me off SORNing my bikes.

And I’d like to SORN one in July to see whether I can sell it… :frowning:

I won :cool:

Ahhh well done you. Presumably able to prove you had sent the SORN… You da man.

I had this recently with a bike I had sold to a dealer 6 months previously, I had sent of the yellow section of the V5 when I sold it but it either never got there or wasn’t logged, but 6months later I get a reminder about needing to insure it as well as reminder about the soon to expire tax disc. Was about to write to them when 2 WEEKS later I get the fine in the post for not keeping it insured! I don’t even own the bike FFS! the bike is still sat in the dealers show room nearly 8 months since I sold it, so hasn’t been registered with a new owner.

the system is Sh1t and far too fallible for them to start dishing fines out on that basis.

Nope - just used legal precedent - Interpretations Act section 7 :wink: