Conti Road Attack 2

Hi guys and girls,

Just got back from Bedford Autodrome with my new (~500 miles) Road Attack 2s on my Street Triple and I thought I’d give you some impressions. The ride up was motorways and A roads both dry and river-like thanks to our wonderful summer. Grip in the wet is very good and they felt nice and stable with a good turn in. Then onto the circuit at Bedford. The sessions started damp and they warmed up quickly with just a little sqirrelling for grip on the first lap when putting the power on early. Once warmed up they were nice and grippy, especially on the edges. I managed to get right the way over and they inspired such confidence on their sides I got my knee down for the first time. :062: After a full session (we didn’t get too many of them - people were binning their bikes all over the place and I was guilty of a lowside at West 1. Not the tyres fault, all me!) they were soft and sticky as hell as you’d hope. Overall the whole day on the track probably wore down a mm or two max.

So far, so happy. Masses better than the Qualifiers which were on before, especially in the wet.


Price on a pair fitted?