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So work are doing a mass layoff (170 people from a team of 600). As there is so many people representatives will be elected as part of the consultation. People have already contacted me asking me to do it. Is it in my best interests? We still don’t know who is for the chop yet. A lot is up in the air. I’d like to keep my job although that is out of my hands. Would being a rep influence that?

I was a rep last year for our acquisition. It was a good experience for me and learned alot about inner workings of TUPE.

I didn’t influence anything, just represented the collective company and fed back.

What I liked was getting the info first hand!

Sorry to hear that Joby. Hope it works out well for you.

Sounds like it’s +experience with no downside.

In that position, where something is due to happen and you don’t know what and under which criteria, I would prefer to be involved and understand the process, than rely on others to tell me.

It will involve extra work. It will involve some friction with colleagues because people will take their grievances to you, but you will have your finger on the pulse and it’ll give you useful experience.


Be aware you may be asked to sign some form of non disclosure document as you may get some information which you are not allowed to share with others.

Thanks all. Those are really good points of view and helped me make my decision. I’m going to give it a shot. I may not get elected but based on the advice here it seems like a positive thing to do. Particularly because you get the information first hand.

I’ve done some committee work at university so I have some experience.

I really feel I get a lot of value out of the forum with posts like this.


Well I won the election. Maybe I’m the man for the job.


And yeah the, “friction,” has started already.

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this happened to me at the start of the pamdemic
I thought Fukit, I volunteered for redundecny i couldnt be doing with all dealing of cuts

you can please some of the people…

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Well it’s over and thankfully I didn’t get canned. If you are in this situation and considering whether or not to be an employee representative, I’d definitely suggest you do if you are a people person. As others mentioned you get information first hand. You do have to fulfill a role far broader than the brief and there are a lot of times you will feel conflicted but overall the positives outweigh the negatives.

The advice from the people above really helped me make the right decision for me so thanks.


Glad to hear you weathered the storm and gained some valuable experience in the process mate.

All praise the new Mick Lynch.